5 elem has been providing
best in class water transfer hose
to the us markets for more then two decades

MaxFlow-Plus Hose

PolyFrac - TPU/TPU


This hose is made from TPU rubber compound covered and lined by high pressure around a circular woven jacket made from high tenacity filament polyester yarn.

  • 3-ply manufacturing process which ensures the high adhesion strength and top fatigue resistance Performance

  • Excellent oil and Chemical resistance performance prevent the hose from being damaged in usual chemical condition.

  • Outstanding diameter stability with high restored rate after be pressured then depressured

  • Being easy to deploy

Maximum recommended Working Pressure:50 % of the listed values of Burst Pressure - for temporary use. To obtain maximum lifetime of the hose, it is recommended that the Working Pressure or the Working Tensile Stress do not exceed 1/3 of the listed values.

* Total theoretical longitudinal strength.

Standard Color: Black, other color on request
Standard length: 660ft ( 200m), other length on request
Temperature Range: -36°F to 212 °F (-38°C to 100 °C)
Coupling: Machined by Extruded Alloy Aluminum with UL Approved V-Style Coupling